I’ve been missing tumblr so much. I have no internet connection on my computer for the past 3 (or 4?) months. I cannot update my tumblr and my blog, it’s so frustrating ;-;

The last time I opened my tumblr, it only had 700++ views but now it’s over 2000. I can’t believe that coz I haven’t been able to update anything like it’s so amazing ;~;

My followers also grow everyday. Thanks for your support even though I completely have no idea what made you follow this random page because I have only posted and reblogged things that I love like holee jezuz I may not know you but I love you guys all




New song “EVERLASTING” set for release! 

MUSIC & PHOTOS - National Stadium concert Memorial Edition-

[Complete build-to-order Limited Edition] 

Will be released August 13, 2014!

pm 12:00 to start accepting reservations March 25, 2014 (Tuesday) at noon! [Reservation deadline end of April]

Released “2014 at the National Stadium L’Arc~en~Ciel LIVE” LIVE Blu-ray / DVD!

Was recorded with 4K camera more than 20 units, the world’s largest, and visualizing the live full of a sense of reality! 

2014, Will be released in the fall!


The close contact with the world tour of unprecedented was held in 14 cities 10 countries around the world! The movie finally a documentary film of the shock!

December 2014, published decision!

L’Arc-en-Ciel Official web

Aladdin’ s Journey  …-..This one i gave up to draw several months ago,i forget what reason, but i think even i am not satisfied with the structure of the picture.I must have to finish it to respect to see it as  creation.  Then this morning i took up the fountain pen again. even i think it is mess and lack of detail but at first I really want to do well. i want to do a conclusion to the part made me feel touch